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Innovation, Scalable and agile – these are the qualities every client wants to see in his application; but such applications are not publicly available and for development, the clients need to contact an app development company in NYC. Though several app developers are accessible in NYC, application development is a lot more than just the technical development of the software, it’s the teamwork of several professionals. If you are aiming for an application for your company, then contacting a mobile app development company in New York is better than individually hiring the developers as their development teams comprise of all the required experts, and from planning to launch they take care of the application at every step.

Characteristics of Successful Mobile App Development

A successful mobile app is not just about user retention or market adoption, there is much more to a successfully developed mobile application. Follow the space to learn more about the essential characteristics of promising app development in NYC.


An application will be valuable for you because it’s generating revenue for you, but is this equally valuable for your target audience? How the users will benefit from it and how it will solve their problems? Will the application offer more than what is already offered in the market or not? These are the questions that need to be effectively answered if you are looking for a competitive mobile application. An application needs not be entirely ground-breaking or one of its kind, but still the features and functionalities that it offers must be a tad better than what’s already been offered by its competitors. The value of the application doesn’t lie solely upon the features but also the ease of use as compared to the existing solutions will augment the value of the mobile application and will offer a productive experience to the users.

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Comprehensive planning before the finalization of the prototype of the application is essential; most of the time it revolves around the basic idea and the intended uses and features of the application. Engineers, developers, and UX designers all collaborate in the planning process; things they generally consider during planning include the devices that will host the mobile application. The hardware features like screen sizes, memory capabilities, processor capabilities, touch interface, graphical interfaces, and others will require interactions with the prospective application. Moreover, the planning team also considers connectivity at this phase for the applications that will need internet connectivity for functioning; they plan accordingly and decide how the application will behave in case of no connectivity.

User Experience

For user retention, an overwhelming User Experience is a key and for it, your application requires a functional and interactive user interface. Incorporating cutting-edge technology to designing responsive interfaces that work seamlessly across different devices is the key for user engagement especially when there is a wide range of screen sizes available and you have to offer a similar remarkable experience across all of them. Developers nowadays focus more and more on touch-based interactions instead of typing-based features mainly because of the advancement in mobile phones and prefer to offer users a UX Design that will take them to their desired destination feature right away.

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Application Development Team

Application development isn’t a single person’s task and neither it’s all about developers. There is an entire team working on the project, with each member contributing significantly. Though every app development company in NYC has professionals app developers which they designate according to the requirement of the project, a standard application development team usually comprises of:

Account Managers – to connect the company with the clients.

Project Managers – to supervise the strategies revolving around the project.

Designers – to take care of all visual content.

Developers – develop and optimize the final product.

Digital Marketers – to promote the client’s application.

This is a standard team for a development process, but companies generally alter their team compilations according to the unique requirements of the project; in light of the demands of the client, they take in the most suitable experts for the efficient completion of the app development project in NYC.

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Almost every premium mobile app development company in New York has in-depth knowledge of all modern-day trends and develops apps that can compete in the market. Generally, all companies in NYC have proficient app developers in the following technologies and provide solutions based on these technologies.

Mobile Applications

Android App Development: Android is the most sought-after operating system and generally clients’ first choice for their application due to its wider reach. Developers generally exploit the maximum potential of the diverse Android platform and offer mobility solutions incorporating state-of-the-art technologies and according to the demands of the client, they integrate as many features as the client desires. If the diversity of the Android is properly utilized by the app developers in NYC, it can help businesses gain unprecedented value and a competitive edge.

iOS App Development: iOS is one of the key operating systems and any business that wants to increase its brand’s awareness and expand customer engagement also demands iOS-based mobility solutions along with Android-based solutions. Every top-notch mobile app development company in New York devises solutions for all sorts of Apple devices, like iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and other wearables. With the advent of technology, companies often now also develop 3D iOS-based apps along with standard solutions like social media apps, gaming apps, or enterprise apps. Following the futuristic approach, companies also offer to incorporate additional features like Mapping and Navigation, in-app purchases, GPS Location, Alerts, and notifications in the designed application.

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Cross-Platform Applications

Native mobile applications for both leading platforms become expensive to manage especially for SMEs or entrepreneurs and therefore most businesses nowadays prefer a universal solution in the form of a cross-platform application that’s supported by all mobile platforms. A cross-platform application is developed using a shared operating environment and development companies have developers proficient in all leading cross-platform technologies to facilitate the unique requirements of their clients. Quite often, the following are the technologies, development companies hold expertise in and offer solutions based on them.

React Native

Most companies nowadays prefer React Native application development because of the platform-agnostic nature of this framework. The flexibility of this framework allows developers to write the code once and run it anywhere; for companies, it reduces cost, while for developers it is reduced workload with React Native. Advanced features allow streamlining multimedia or graphic data with ease and to enhance the functionalities of the application, mostly it is integrated with JavaScript or CSS. Such features make React Native one of the most sought-after cross-platform frameworks and almost every app development company holds expertise in this.


Flutter by Google is a highly responsive, flexible, and swift framework. Features and characteristics that flutter offers make it extremely easy for developers to craft natively compiled applications for all leading platforms using a single codebase. Other features that give a competitive edge to Flutter include customizable widgets, all-inclusive support for the native modules, flexible UI and hot reload. The applications based on Flutter offer perfect value to the consumers and the diversity of its parent organization, i-e Google, has made Flutter a hot favorite among cross-platform technologies.

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To cut costs, most companies prefer cross-platform applications instead of native applications and Ionic is one such framework that offers a native-like application experience to the consumers. This framework allows developers to manage both frontend and backend processes with ease while ensuring the development of high-performing, feature-rich mobile applications. Businesses eyeing expansion in the future mostly prefer Ionic technology for their applications as it allows deployment of the application to the Google Play and Apple app stores ensuring reach to a wider audience.


Xamarin by .NET is an open-source and free framework that is best to craft applications for any desired platform. Applications can be easily developed on Windows or macOS and offer native performance for iOS, Android, watchOS, tvOS, and other platforms. Xamarin allows seamless integration with third-party libraries like Facebook, Google APIs for iOS, and Google Play services. Along with this, it offers full access to platform-specific functionalities like Bluetooth, Fingerprint and others.


This open-source and adaptable cross-platform framework is simple to work with and best in developing native and professional NativeScript mobile applications. What makes NativeScript a highly flexible and preferred framework is that the developers have to write a single native code set for the application and run it on any platform. The native user interface for Android, iOS, and Windows is leveraging upon its UI designed in XML which makes it compatible with every platform.

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Application Solutions

Development companies keep on exploring the diverse digital world and the range of mobility solutions that they offer. The solutions vary from company to company, but the following are the hottest trends in applications. And almost every development company should offer the following application solution.

Wearable Apps

Consumers nowadays love to wear technology on their sleeves. With the help of innovative technologies, developers proficient in futuristic technologies; craft application solutions for wearables that will offer an awe-inspiring user experience to the target audience. Generally, the wearable app development services that the development companies offer include iWatch app development, Android wearable app, etc.


With hybrid applications, you will have one solution for all leading platforms. Developers that are experienced in the latest technologies employ their expertise in developing applications for both web and mobile. And develop a reliable application that has all the essential elements. They offer bespoke hybrid application solutions for wide-ranging industries that will help your business by increasing ROI and sales. Generally, the range of hybrid application services that companies offer includes Titanium, JQuery, application integration, HTML5, and PhoneGap app development.

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Enterprise Applications

Enterprises nowadays have diverse demands which are not often met by applications available on different App Stores. Moreover, sometimes the security concerns don’t let enterprises rely on publicly available applications. The Enterprise mobility solutions involve multi-purpose, premium quality enterprise applications that will be specifically developed for your industry. This not only will resolve the security concerns but will offer enterprises better data management and monitoring of their workforce. Companies that offer enterprise application development also incorporate services like consultancy, business process automation, Supply Chain Management, etc.

Customized Applications

Every business has its own unique requirements and not all commercially available templates fulfill their demands. Therefore often businesses look for a bespoke application for their business. Every development company offers services in customized application development; some are proficient in bespoke iOS apps, some hold a specialty in Android-based applications. While some companies offer development services in both and build the application in light of the client’s specifications.

Industry-specific Applications

Building industry-specific application is an art. A single template doesn’t work for every industry as each industry has its specific demands with the individual target audience. Therefore, companies generally offer industry-specific mobility solutions to keep the interests of the target audience and therefore connect well. Generally, companies that cater automotive industry, E-commerce, Real Estate &, etc develop progressive and scalable solutions individually for them.

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Development Process of Mobile App Development Company in New York

Although every development company has its own development process which they have devised according to their preference and convenience; but generally, every application development goes through the same stages. Skilled app developers in NYC can give life to applications by following the development process below.


To make an informed decision related to the end-product, comprehensive research is essential.

Market Analysis: Doing this will help the team to understand the dimension of the market and the strategies of the key competitors. Research analysts in the development team are responsible for extensive research. They identify loopholes in the competitors’ strategy & recognize ways to excel in their comparison.

Consumer Behavior: Research analysts thoroughly analyze the behavior of the target audience and list out the ways your intended mobile application should respond to each query and interaction.


After the outline has been finalized, it is commonly used as the point of reference for product-related strategies. The team makes sure to develop features of the application as summarized initially.

Product planning: Development team often starts with product planning with their clients; they work with them to identify key strategies for the innovative user experience of the product.

Feature List: At this step, a team of app development experts collaborates to chalk out the end-to-end features and sub-features that must meet the demands of the client making sure that the features won’t compromise the performance and efficiency of the application.

Product Design

Appearance and aesthetics are as much important as the functionalities of the application. Therefore to enhance the user experience, developers always go out of the box to offer some captivating product designs.

Brand Design: Every brand has its own appeal and creative developers are those who know how to design products that stay true to the brand’s image and appeal. For this, the development team focuses on the clients’ ideas, industry standards, demographics of the target audience, and competitors’ products.

UX/UI Design: A skilled developer makes the best use of his expertise and skills to ensure a robust and functional application and develop UX Design keeping user flows and shortlisted features insight. Hence, find the app developers in NYC that ensure that all sorts of nuances users’ experience have been addressed. Moreover, with UI, the developers also have to ensure the smooth functioning of the application across all screen sizes.

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Architectural Requirements

During this step, the developers chalk out a document listing the entire structure of the application. This includes services, programming languages, app development frameworks, integrations, features, functionalities, designs, and user interactions.

Product Backlog: App Development teams nowadays follow the agile methodology during the development process; they prioritize the bigger picture when dividing the app’s architecture into smaller tasks. In this way, they will be in a better position to manage time during development. Through this Scrum approach, they will save time and budget of app development.


Once all the prerequisites are fulfilled, the product is finally developed. And for this cross-functional teams work in collaboration with each other. This ensures seamless adherence to the features that they incorporate with the UI designs.

Q/A Testing

Functional products are a result of extensive testing and QA. And for this, every first-rated development company carries out a wide range of tests. This includes both manual and automated testing such as performance, peer review, functional, user acceptance, and edge case testing, etc. Exhaustive QA testing is generally carried out throughout the development process to ensure the stability of the code.


Finally, after all the testing, the applications’ beta version is finalized with all the essential features being incorporated. And then launched on the desired App store. This is your MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Through the beta launch, developers will get access to real-time users’ data and gain insights to optimize the application. This will also help tweak the iterations and altering features according to the demands of the target audience.

Launch and Growth

Most companies now offer post-development services as well which include management and maintenance of the application solution.

App Store Setup: Approval process from the App Store is a hectic process and development companies have intimate knowledge of the digital world, which helps them get approval from the App Store in a short time.

Release Management: Often app development companies in NYC offer maintenance of the application which means continuous work on the application after the launch for future updates. That’s an ongoing process and companies keep track of the changelog and dole out updates as the new requirements arise.


Application Development is teamwork with managers to strategists and from designers to developers. Everyone giving their best to ensure the success of the product. Different companies have expertise in different domains of application development. And before hiring a company for your product, thoroughly work on your idea and list out your priorities. After shortlisting your requirements, search for the companies holding expertise in them. This will not only certify the development of a product but its quality will directly affect your business. A high-quality app will connect you with the targeted audience and eventually will increase the growth of your business.

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